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sept! Date: Sep 4th @ 12:50am EDT
Thank you all for a GREAT start to my september! I have a lot of goals and badges i want to earn this month and everything helps!! Im so proud of us! Lets keep going!! #positivity #teamKayD
September!! Date: Sep 1st @ 5:03pm EDT
Hey everyone!

Today is sept 1st! Marks the first day of my goals this month. to review these are the badges im trying to get:

---Work 100+ hours during the month
---25 fan reviews (this may be a badge for the VOD reviews so check them out and write a review!)
---50 blog posts

and these last two I will REALLY need your help getting these badges for my page

--5000 party chat tips
--10000 credits in a day (the closest I've gotten so far is about 8000..I know we can do this!)

Im excited these next two months to spend a lot of time with you all! xoxo see you soon!
Thank you and welcome back! Date: Aug 30th @ 10:34pm EDT
OMG you guys I am SOOOOOOO excited!!! I won the tropical fantasy contest on aug 24th!! I wouldn't have done it without everyone's participation!!!! I'm jumping up and down inside!! This makes my vacation SOOO much more worth it!!! Thank you thank you

I also wanted to let everyone know I should have updated my new schedule for September. its twerkin out a little due to my photo shoot this tuesday-sept 2 at 10 am and my friend coming to visit sep 17th-sep 19th. but besides that most days should be pretty set! so if you enjoy hanging out with me every day you know where to find me!

I do apologize about yesterday not getting on cam. I think with vacation and working really hard i just had the biggest headache (which i NEVER get headaches) so unless that happens again this month (which Im hoping not) then I really want to make my goals that i set for myself in the last few blog posts you guys can read!!

xoxo have a LOVELY labor day weekend!
My September-KAYD's TEAM! Date: Aug 27th @ 4:53am EDT

WELCOME KAYDETS!! Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to my exclusive content.